Drive In Senja, Exclusive Experience

During this #NewNormal, we sure miss watching movies, eating popcorn, chilling with a few friends. But, you don’t have to miss them anymore because from 9 – 13 September 2020, A drive-in movie theater is open in Kiara Artha Park, Bandung the one and only Drive In Senja.

The event was inspired by the 80s drive-in theater and we are thrilled to share our experience because we were invited to their opening on 8 September 2020, and our utmost gratitude to Biramalive the organizer for this event!

Of course, watching movies in a car is a new experience for us (trust me, it’s different from watching movies in an installed tv on your car), but watching itself wasn’t the best part of going to this exciting event, it was the whole experience that lasts longer in our brain.

What to expect?

When we arrived at the event, we were greeted by the security guard and directed to enter the park to take a video photo booth with a 360° camera. After taking the video, soon we’re headed to the main event.

Before we go further on our journey, maybe we should give you a heads up of how Kiara Artha Park looks like. Kiara Artha Park was just launched last year around August, it’s a concepted park, often displays light installments and anyone can enter, it was just launched last year around August.

The asphalt is still as smooth as ice. We saw a couple of people on roller blades giving the 80’s essence back to life. We waited for around 5 minutes, and then two committees waved from the side of our door, we were finally registered to watch the show.

We were asked to tune in to a certain frequency on the radio and to give the cherry on top, they gave us salty popcorn in a classic red and white packaging.

We waited for another 10 minutes but it didn’t bore us because the radio was chanting pop-jazz music as the sky turned electric blue. The Drive In Senja’s installment was getting closer, the neon purple and yellow exhibiting the entree.

What’s missing from this experience is our appearance really, wouldn’t it be nice to pretend to role play from the 80s? Wearing popping colors and shaggy hair should do more fun!

It didn’t take long for us to finally enter the event. We parked our car in the front part of the parking alley, we get a really nice view of the screen.

The normal entry price for this event is 100k rupiah per person, and each attendee could only stick 4 people per car (because covid19, obviously).

Pros and Cons

On the cons part, we should go to the toilet beforehand, because it would be pretty far from your car to get ‘it’ out, and when you exit your car you might be pretty exposed to people from the other vehicle, I mean you could get easily spotted.

Pros? What’s always been a problem for us to watch movies could simply be eliminated in this drive-in theater concept. Why? Well, we get more privacy, we could open our stinky feet up in the air, eat a really big feast without those judging eyes, and if you want to bring your kids to watch movies with you, it’s totally fine because it wouldn’t bother other people even if your kid is hulking.

What’s not to take? So don’t miss your opportunity to go back in time and experience watching movies in your car! Only at Drive in Senja, tickets available on Go-Loket from 9-13 September 2020!

Written by: Regina Virza

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