A Conversation with Anna Maria: The Woman Behind ‘The Fools Who Dream’

The Fools Who Dream (@thef00lswhodream on Instagram) is an Indonesian creative outlet brand that sells various illustrated goods such as shirts, phone cases, water bottles, and stickers. Not only selling cute goods, but this brand also uses their platform to share their unique and aesthetic art. Anna Maria, the woman behind The Fools Who Dream, talks about her journey to becoming an illustrator. 

The process

Starting with a hobby of drawing, Anna started her career as an illustrator in 2020. From that hobby, she started personal projects from things and moments that inspired her. Anna’s inspiration comes from things around like cats, plants, fantasy books, and moments that she feels can be poured into her works. At first, she was unsure about herself because she didn’t have any educational background related to art. She said,

At first, it was totally gray because I don’t have any educational background specifically related to art. It all started because I love drawing, and I found my passion there. But I know I can’t just suddenly have audiences and clients for the first time. Everything needs process.” 

But then she encouraged herself and decided to create an “art account” to share her creative works. She said,

At first, I was afraid because I made that Instagram account just for my side hustles while working in one of the interior designer studios in Bandung as an interior designer. So, when there is an audience coming to see my work, I was nervous, but I got used to it from time to time

Even though she felt that way, she remained consistent, so that’s what made her start to be known as the founder of The Fools Who Dream. 

In the process, she found some challenges that needed to be faced that related to collaboration and managing the personal project.

The challenge is when I need to collaborate with my clients. Usually, when I make my own product, it comes from my own ideas so I can freely pour my ideas into work and implement them into products. On the other hand, in collaborating with my clients, I need to work together to bring together various ideas and thoughts. In The Fools Who Dream itself, the challenge that I need to face is in the production and managing personal projects by myself,” said Anna.

Anna and Passion

Talking about passion, Anna has her opinion about women and passion. According to her,

“When a woman has found her passion, it is extraordinary because from that passion too, we can grow and continue to develop. However, on the other hand, we also have to know how we cultivate that passion.”

She also gives a little message to people who want to start their passion, and she said,

“Insecurity can be used to develop positive things. Maybe some people are wondering how to be an illustrator even though I don’t have any educational background that is specifically related to art or how to start my passion when I don’t have many friends. The answer for that is, just do it!”

Like the life motto she holds, if you want to start something, you must start with intention and run consistently. Even though starting with insecurity, she responded positively to it, and “Just do it” is a constant word if you want to start something that you feel you have passion for. 

Now, Anna is working on a collaborative project with a local brand and launching the latest product from The Fools Who Dream. Furthermore, she teaches how to draw and shares how to build personal branding in creative media. Anna’s personal goal is to continue to grow and develop as an illustrator. She also wants to expand the scope of work, such as collaboration with other brands. 

Written by Apta Maheswari

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