Strive to Love People Better

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” – Rupi Kaur

Be kind to yourself. When we become kinder to ourselves, we can become kinder to the world. If you like yourself, it is easy for you to like people around you. But if you are unhappy with yourself, it is easy to feel unhappy with those around you. So, please remind yourself that you deserve to be adored, you deserve to feel chosen, and you deserve a love that makes you feel unconditionally adored. In that way, you can spread love and happiness to others as well. Projecting love toward others doesn’t require a lot of energy or money. Rather,  you can do small things and still make a big impact on someone’s life.

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Here are the little things that aren’t little:

Asking how someone’s day was. Specific compliments. A warm smile to a stranger. Random ‘checking in on you’ call. Handwritten notes. Making plans. “This song reminds me of you”. Laughing at someone’s jokes. Saying thank you. Saying ‘I’m proud of you’.  Showing your loved ones good coffee shops and restaurants. Holds the door open for someone. Genuinely listening to someone. Remembering small details. Showing you’re fully present. Paying attention. Ask questions, and actually be interested in the answer. 

Maybe, the purpose of life is to fill it with as many as positive things as you can. Regardless of how bad life gets, don’t let it steal your personality. Maybe we should prioritize the things we love and the little things that make us happy. In this society, a little peace from the outside world is important. 

Be full of love and brightness. Be full of positivity so that everyone feels loved. Life’s too short to not fill each moment with love. Be the type of person that you seek from others. The more you embody this version of yourself, the more you will connect with it around you. Choose to love yourself as you would to others, respecting yourself and loving yourself. Choose love.

Written by Apta Maheswari

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